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Up Sensors Computer Codes Fuel Pressure Reg. Fan Control Fuel Press. Gauge A/T solenoid Starter Solenoid 105amps Alternator



This is the engine of my Z-24, 

It took me more than a year to get the engine working properly.


Here are some of the parts I have changed to the engine:


Checking the MAF. (voltage and frequency at the signal wire)

2°gen alternator


Torque converter solenoid


Fuel pressure regulator

O2 Sensor

Checking the O2 sensor. (Tool indicating lean or rich condition)

2 injectors



IAC valve

Soft and hard vacuum tubing

Checking the spark with the high performance coil

Hard vacuum tubing

Soft and hard vacuum tubing

Some vacuum connectors


As you can see, I have changed a lot of parts, spending a lot of time and money repairing entirely my engine, but now, it works great !!! Its worth it.