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A/T solenoid




A/T torque converter solenoid


Well, finally I installed it...  and the only thing I can say, it was a real mess!!,  oil everywhere and ofcourse on me too...

Ok, this is my story...

First, I removed the bottom oil pan, draining all the oil. Once there was no more oil, removed the lateral one, getting plain access to the soleonid, which was very easy to change, just one bolt and two wires to connect.

Then, reinstalled the pans with new gaskets, and refilled the transmission with fresh oil. I think the hardest part is to reach all the lateral pan's bolts... (I got a backache...)

Now the transmission works very smooth and the torque converter soleonid is fully operating. Its a beauty. :)


Brand new solenoid from Borg Warner

Car raised, and tire removed.

Oil pans removed and now the solenoid is visible

After changing the solenoid and reinstalling the pans with new gaskets.