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105amps Alternator



My 94amps alternator was too old, and it was no longer capable of pushing enough amps through my system, so I decided to swapp a new 105amps alternator (the one used in second generation engines...)

Now my system is at 14 volts all the time even at idle speed and with lights, radiator fan and accesories turned on...   :)

cool isn't it ?

In the past my system used to drop to 12 volts causing my battery not to be completely charged.


Voltage with the old alternator. 

Engine at idle,  lights and radiator's fan turned on

Voltage with the new alternator.

Engine at idle,  lights and radiator's fan turned on



Here are some pictures of the swapping operation.

New 105 amps alternator

Old 94 amps alternator

Just missing....  the connections!!!

New 4 wires connector

Connector already attached to the alternator

Everything ready!

Make it fly!



The only problem I had was to find out the configuration of the new voltage regulator connector...  and here is what I found:

Initial Color Function Connected to:
S Red sensing of the real voltage of the battery directly to battery
F brown Magnetic field Ignition key
L brown Charging light Igntion key
P grey Tachometer --

The fact is that you only need to conect the L wire to make it operate.  Then, you can use the F wire as a backup, just in case the L wire fails.

The S wire goes connected directly to the battery to sense the real voltage of the system.  And the P wire is used in new cars without distributor for the tachometer.

In my case, I used only the S and L wire and it works excellent !!!!