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Fan Control



Fan control switch


This switch is very useful cause you can turn on the fan whenever you want, without messing up with the stock behavior and letting your engine run cooler in slow driving or very hot days...

The installation is quite easy, the only thing  you have to do is to tap a wire to the thermo switch wire, and run it to the dash where you install a  switch,  one of the switch terminals goes to this new cable, and the other terminal is connected to a good ground.

When you close the switch, you are grounding the wire,  closing the circuit of the fan's relay. This is the same function of the thermo switch... to ground the circuit when a specific temperature is reached.


Installation sequence

Making the hole for the switch

Installing the wire

Wire with insulation sleeve

Connecting the new wire to the thermo switch wire

Connector installed

New switches (right one for fan, left one for driving lights)