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Body work




Finally....   the first part of my body project has begun!!!!!

This first step include the whole front part of the car

Click on this pictures to see the work needed...

front broken fiberglass

plastic bumper cover, and bumper.


I took apart the whole thing and took it to a body shop,  check the next pictures of the complete dissasembling procedure


First, I took apart the fiberglass front part...  quite easy


Then, I took off the lights just by removing each lamp's spring, that way I won't have to readjust the lights...


The next part... the plastic bumper cover...  time consuming but not a big deal...


And finally, the bumper...  I had some trouble loosing the third bolt of each side... so I had no option to use the grinder and say goodbye to those bolts...

Removing the upper bolts

Problem... bottom bolt is impossible to remove

Solution... the angle grinder

Goodbye to the bolt's nut  :)

Bumper finally removed

Last picture of my car... what the heck!!




The second part has begun too  :)

It includes minor work on both sides of the vehicle.




My car is not finished yet from the second part...   :(    , I hope it will be by next saturday

In the meantime Im gonna buy some primer, and the paint....  



Finally, it's done!!